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The Association has received numerous complaints regarding children and teens gathering and playing in the streets of the community. This is a safety concern for both the children and the drivers in the neighborhood. While we understand children need to be outside and play, we want to remind parents to discuss with their children the importance of staying out of the street. Drivers are having a difficult time entering and exiting the community and there have been several near miss accidents with children playing in the street. Children need to immediately get out of the way of oncoming traffic. There have been reports of groups of kids refusing to move out of the way of cars, and this is not acceptable.

With cooperation from parents, children and drivers, we can help solve this important safety issue. Parents are asked to please supervise their children when playing outside to make sure that they are not in the street. Drivers are asked to always lower their speed when driving on the neighborhood streets. Residents are also asked to call the police non-emergency number, 301-600-2100, anytime you feel that kids are being unsafe and an area needs to be monitored. You can call anonymously.