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Picking up after your pet...
ImageIn the past, the Board of Directors and our Management company received numerous complaints from Taskers Chance homeowners concerning some inconsiderate pet owners who do not clean up after their pets. This causes major problems to some of our blind homeowners who walk to the grocery store, work and to the pool house. It also creates a breeding ground for rodents, kills turf in these areas and make the areas look and smell bad. There are several areas that are a problem. Two such examples are around the the pool house and along Baughmans Lane and Key Parkway. We as a Board, have tried to fix this problem by putting notices in the Taskers Chance Newsletter letting residents know that they are required to pick up after their pet. This is not only a city ordinance but violators can be issued a fine by the city for not doing so. Unfortunately, this has not accomplished our goal of keeping our community clean. We have considered hiring a contractor to clean up all the affected areas however, the Board feels that homeowners should not have to pay increased fees due to inconsiderate residents. Not to mention, hiring a contractor may cause the problem to increase rather than decrease. Lastly, when walking pets on the community's sidewalks and walking paths, you should walk your pet on the side of the path away from neighbor's yards.